2022 Eligibility Post!

I’m so grateful to have had new work out this year in some truly amazing anthologies and worked with some fabulous editors and fellow writers. I’m thrilled to share with you my works eligible for awards in 2022! Wela’lioq ❤ Poetry: Full-length Collection My full-length debut horror poetry collection, Elegies of Rotting Stars, was released November 7, 2022 from Nictitating Books! Featuring poems that cover … Continue reading 2022 Eligibility Post!

Now Offering Sensitivity Reading!

As a writer, editor, and a mixed-race (Mi’kmaq) woman of color, I’m happy to offer my services as a sensitivity reader in the following areas:

– Mi’kmaq culture
– First Nations/Canadian Native cultures
– Mixed-race identity
– Native American cultures

I can also offer generalized feedback on issues surrounding Two-Spirit identity and postcolonialism in the Americas. Continue reading Now Offering Sensitivity Reading!