Are you writing a diverse book?

Wonderful, we need more of those! Most importantly, we need them to be well-written, engaging, and respectful. If you’re concerned with issues of representation and taking the steps to make sure you’re getting representation right, the services of a sensitivity reader may be for you.

What does a sensitivity reader do, exactly?

A sensitivity reader will carefully look through your work for issues of bias, stereotypes, and/or negatively charged language. This reading helps to verify that your work portrays various identities with accuracy and respect.

For more information on sensitivity reading and to see a database of sensitivity readers, please check out the Writing In the Margins website.

My qualifications:

My horror writing, creative nonfiction, and poetry have been published in anthologies, magazines, and online. I have experience in copy editing, acquisitions, beta reading, proofreading and book reviewing, in addition to reading for a juried writing competition.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in English in 2013. My focus during this degree was primarily on postcolonial literary theory, Two-Spirit identity/Queer indigenous theory, and Canadian literature.

Areas of specialization:

As a writer, editor, and a mixed-race (Mi’kmaq) woman of color, I’m happy to offer my services as a sensitivity reader in the following areas:

– Mi’kmaq culture
– First Nations/Canadian Native cultures
– Mixed-race identity
– Native American cultures
– Queer Native identity

Additional areas (based more on interest and life experience):

– Bisexuality
– Borderline Personality Disorder
– Anxiety Disorder/Panic Disorder
– Wicca
– Witchcraft

I can also offer generalized feedback on issues surrounding Two-Spirit identity and postcolonialism in the Americas.

Genres and focus:

While my main areas of focus are YA literature, horror fiction, experimental/bizarro, literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, I’m happy to consider other genres and types of work. If you work outside of these areas, please let me know! I read voraciously and love finding new genres to love.

How much does it cost?

As per the Writing In the Margins recommended guidelines, a full manuscript of 60,000 – 100,000 words will cost $250 CAD (this usually works in favor of US authors, thanks to the exchange rate). If your work is shorter, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll work out a rate; I’m open to reading anything as short as an article, individual poem, or short story.

If you are a student or low-income writer, please feel free to contact me and we’ll work out a payment scale.

Please note that I am also willing to provide editorial feedback and proofreading at an additional rate.

Sound good? Please get in touch via the contact form below.