New Writing in Apparition Lit, Dark Matter, Podcastle, and Uncanny!

I love when I can give an update on my writing and it’s all available to read for free online! I’m truly grateful to have had a solid start to 2023, with two poems and two stories being published at some of my favorite outlets! In alphabetical order (of the magazine name), here are some links:

A spirit appears and disappears

at my house, in faces in the


hands outstretched

in doorways. The tap spits hair

and unspools thread.

Read the rest of “Shut Mouths Sing Melodius” here!

“I want to paint my nightmares, but I don’t really have the talent,” he continued. “I’ve tried to write about them. Usually I’m able to journal my thoughts, but I can’t write this. If I describe the dreams, can you paint them? Is—is that something you think you can do?”

“Yes,” she said. “Describe your nightmare to me.”

“Do you know what vivisection is?”

Read the rest of “Still Life With Vivisected Dream” here!

Their croaking had switched into a soft howl, as if the moonlight had transformed them into new creatures altogether. She swam up to them. They scattered into the reeds in a clamor of long, panicked legs. She waited in place and tried to remember their old language. Finally, it came to her: a soft chirping sound. She greeted them. A small green frog, its leopard spots glowing pink in the dark, blinked at her without recognition. It gave another soft howl and disappeared with its comrades into the gathered shadows.

Read or listen to the rest of “Wapnintutijig: They Sang Until Dawn here!

A custom sun
graffitied with the
low pink scrawl
of waking
burns orange with hope
rising and stretching like
the landlocked siren singing
over sighing plains
where ewupniaq,
calming storms of
plant calligraphy hold
pollinator epistemologies
in the brush of wing
and scale to leaf

Read the rest of “Dawning” here!

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