2022 Eligibility Post!

I’m so grateful to have had new work out this year in some truly amazing anthologies and worked with some fabulous editors and fellow writers. I’m thrilled to share with you my works eligible for awards in 2022! Wela’lioq ❤

Poetry: Full-length Collection

My full-length debut horror poetry collection, Elegies of Rotting Stars, was released November 7, 2022 from Nictitating Books! Featuring poems that cover everything from vampires to possession to climate change, this collection contains poems that previously appeared in Nightmare Magazine, Vastarien Literary Journal, and Augur Magazine.

Poetry: Anthologies

My poems “Dririmancy” and “Regeneration/Collapse” appeared in Under Her Skin: A Women in Horror Poetry Anthology from Black Spot Books!

Poetry: Single Poems

My poem, “Paradiso: A Found Cyborg Poem” is in the latest issue of Haven Speculative Magazine! It’s free to read here!

Short Fiction: Online

My flash fiction story “The Corpse of Hours” was published with Dread Stone Press’ Dose of Dread! It’s available to read free here!

Short Fiction: Anthologies

My short story, “Light Bent Strangely There” appeared in the Let The Weirdness In: A Tribute to Kate Bush anthology from Heads Dance Press. Featuring a heartbroken woman, mysteries of Cloudbusting, and strange machines.

My cannibal horse horror story, “A New and Different Hunger” appeared in the Monstroddities anthology from Sliced Up Press!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be possessed by a color? My horror story “Hope In Her Devouring” appeared in Chromophobia:A Strangehouse Anthology by Women in Horror!

My sapphic revenant horror story “We Have Made A Home Beyond Death” appeared in Moonflowers and Nightshade: A Sapphic Horror Anthology!


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