Aurora Awards Eligibility!

Hey Canadian Spec Lit Fans! I’m happy to confirm that I have five pieces eligible for this year’s Aurora Awards: four poems and one microfiction short story.


6-tiffany-morris-768x423-1“Surfacing” – Abyss & Apex, 2020

The siren, in silence, scales the blue-wave cathedral to the surface. She bathes in red light on waves. Flames blossom onto night-black water.

Read the rest here!


“Re-Wilding” – Augur Magazine 3.1
You: wake up in the dark,
tattered into       breath.
You:           capture             the tide, 
ride              the typhoon,              soak
in        the monsoon rains    of

Find the issue here!



cover-vol3-issue2-front-copy-e1604170165897-1“Hecatomb” – Vastarien Lit Journal 3.2
This horizon of rusted machines
extracts what shines bright:
golden poisons, black snakes
and femurs, glistening.

Flowers drip like meat, wrap
our bleaching bones: a shrine
to what devours us.

Find the issue here!


issue137-1Depth Sounding (Haiku)- Space and Time Magazine #137

He slips off his skin
and dives beneath the black waves:
trail the fathom glow.

Find the issue here!




“To The World Beyond the Sky” – Stargazers: Microtales from the Cosmos

Sunlight had grown dimmer each day until it was a dark orange tinge in the sky. A gloom across the horizon: Earth’s yellow sun in its last throes. Thousands had already made their way to Helionous, the Earth-like exoplanet; the wealthiest already evacuated, a randomly-selected worker lottery followed.

Read the rest here!


Wela’lioq for your consideration!


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