Updates: Chapbooks and Awards and New Work!

So uhh it’s been literally two years since I updated this website and I have a bunch of things to share. Please check out my writing page for some free reads of speculative and political poems that I’ve had published, uh, lately! And please feel free to add me on social media because I’m slightly more disciplined about it (or, y’know, addicted to it).

file_506cc17761_originalFirst things first: my first chapbook came out! Havoc In Silence is a small but mighty book of apocalyptic horror poetry – a “calendar for the barbed witch and her wasteland” – and it’s nominated for an Elgin Award this year via the Science Fiction Poetry Association!

Buy It on Storenvy! (Or don’t, I’m not a cop)

I also had a microchap come out that you can get for free from Ghost City Press – it was in their summer series last year. Each poem comes from found text in three different Sweet Valley High books. There’s horror in its pastel paradise!

55.+Tiffany+MorrisGet it here: It Came From Seca Lake! Horror Poems from Sweet Valley High 

Beyond that, I participated in readings for the Halifax Anarchist Bookfair, Saint Mary’s University’s Pink Triangle Day reading, and others. I’m still not quite over my stage fright but getting there!

I’ll be headed to grad school this fall to take a deep dive into EcoHorror, Indigenous worldviews, and the apocalypse – though honestly, with everything that’s been going on, I’m feeling the post-apocalypse much more, ya know?

Stay spooky! ❤


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