Now Offering Sensitivity Reading!

If you’re concerned with issues of representation in your literary work and taking the steps to make sure you’re getting representation right, the services of a sensitivity reader may be for you.

What does a sensitivity reader do, exactly?

A sensitivity reader will carefully look through your work for issues of bias, stereotypes, and/or negatively charged language. This reading helps to verify that your work portrays various identities with accuracy and respect.

Areas of specialization:

As a writer, editor, and a mixed-race (Mi’kmaq) woman of color, I’m happy to offer my services as a sensitivity reader in the following areas:

– Mi’kmaq culture
– First Nations/Canadian Native cultures
– Mixed-race identity
– Native American cultures

I can also offer generalized feedback on issues surrounding Two-Spirit identity and postcolonialism in the Americas.

If that sounds like you or anyone you know, feel free to get in touch!


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